CfP from Academy of Mgt Review on History and Organization Studies


Academy of Management Review Special Topic Forum

Editors: Paul Godfrey, John Hassard, Ellen O’Connor, Michael Rowlinson, and Martin Ruef

This issue of the Academy of Management Review explores the power of history for advancing organization studies, both for a fuller understanding of contemporary developments in organizations and organization theory, as well as an appreciation of parallels in the discipline of history. History has a double meaning. It refers to the past itself, as well as knowledge and narratives of the past. We cannot simply say the past matters without also considering what historians have to say about the past, or how our knowledge of the past is constructed.

This call for papers therefore seeks to expand on these themes by encouraging scholarship to:

  • Examine how concepts derived from history (such as ideal types or invented traditions) can be applied to the study of management and organizations;

·  Revisit theories of management and organization in relation to history and questions arising from historiography (both as a body of historical work in a particular field, as well as the theory and methods of history as a discipline);
·  Propose and evaluate new conceptual frameworks for understanding management and organizations in a historical context.

For more information please see:


All submissions should be uploaded to the Manuscript Central/Scholar One website: between March 31 and April 30, 2014.

Please do not submit your article prior to March 31, 2014 or after April 30, 2014. Contributions should follow the directions for manuscript submission described in the Information for Contributors at the back of each issue of AMR and on the AMR web page:

For queries about submissions, contact AMR‘s managing editor, Tiffiney Johnson, at For questions regarding the content of this special topic forum, contact one of the guest editors.

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