Teaching Talk: Best Reading in your Undergrad OOW Course?

Erin Kelly (kelly101@umn.edu) writes:

As the spring term wraps up, I wanted to experiment with a new type of blog post asking people to share their teaching wisdom. If you have ideas for future Teaching Talk posts, please send them to me or Matt Vidal (mgvidal@gmail.com).

What was the single best reading in your undergraduate organizations, occupations, or work course this year? Why did it work, i.e. what was the central message for students and what did they find engaging? Please specify the course you were teaching (title, level) as well.

I am particularly interested in readings on social service organization(s) or social movement organization(s) because I’ll be teaching a capstone course with a service-learning component next year, but it would be great to hear about readings on a variety of topics as we reflect back on this year and plan for next year.

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