2013 ASA Program for OOW Sessions

The 2013 ASA Program has been released!

[the program is available after the jump]

Open Topic in Organizations, Occupations, and Work

Scheduled Time: Mon Aug 12 2013, 10:30 to 12:10pm

Session Organizer: Beth A. Rubin (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)
Presider: Izabela Szymanska (University of North Carolina-Charlotte)

A Contested Institution: Struggles over the Student-Edited Law Review in the Field of Legal Scholarship
*Daniel N. Kluttz (University of California-Berkeley)

Network pathologies in international sustainable development work
*Meghan Elizabeth Kallman (Brown University)

Revisiting Organizational Frameworks: Modernity, Sex Segregation, and Organizational Inertia in Japanese Firms
*Kumiko Nemoto (Western Kentucky University)

Sexual Orientation and Gender Typicality of the Occupation in Young Adulthood
*Koji Ueno (Florida State University), Teresa A. Roach (Florida State University), Abraham E Pena-Talamantes (Florida State University)

Good Jobs, Bad Jobs, No Jobs? The Changing Nature of Work in Today’s Economy

Scheduled Time: Mon Aug 12 2013, 2:30 to 4:10pm

Session Organizer: Elizabeth H. Gorman (University of Virginia)
Presider: Elizabeth H. Gorman (University of Virginia)

Discussant: Arne L. Kalleberg (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

Job Polarization and the Hollowing out of the Middle of the U.S. Job Structure
*Rachel E. Dwyer (The Ohio State University)

Trends in Self-Assessed Perceptions of Job Quality: 1970-2006
*Jonathan Adam Lind (The University of Washington)

Fostering Entrepreneurship? National Labor Market Policies and Self-Employment
*Lena Hipp (Cornell University), *Pamela S. Tolbert (Cornell University)

Beyond unemployment: Gender penalties in time-related underemployment and over-education during recession and austerity
*Anthony Rafferty (University of Manchester)

Open Topic in Organizations, Occupations, and Work

Scheduled Time: Mon Aug 12 2013, 4:30 to 6:10pm

Session Organizer: David Brady (Social Science Research Center-Berlin)
Presider: Ryan Matthew Finnigan (Duke University)

All of the Incentives Were Wrong: Opportunism and the Financial Crisis
*Neil Fligstein (University of California-Berkeley), *Alexander Roehrkasse (University of California-Berkeley)

Can Managers Work Part-Time?—An Empirical Analysis of Managers in Europe
*Lena Hipp (Cornell University), *Stefan Stuth (Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung)

What is Outsourcing?: How the New Industrial Revolution has been Framed in Newspaper Editorials
*Jeffrey J. Sallaz (University of Arizona), *Michael Gibson (University of Arizona)

Conflicting Institutional Demands and Policy Implementation: Implementation of Workforce Downsizing by Large U.S. Firms, 1984-2005
*Jiwook Jung (National University of Singapore)

Worker Identities in a New Era of Immigration
*Kim Voss (University of California), *Fabiana Silva (University of California-Berkeley)

Section Reception – Mon Aug 12, 2013, 6:30-8:00 pm

Section on Organizations, Occupations, and Work Roundtables

Scheduled Time: Tue Aug 13 2013, 8:30 to 9:30am

Session Organizer: Kimberly Fox (Bridgewater State University)
Session Organizer: Eric C. Dahlin (Brigham Young University)

Over 80 presentations at 20 different tables!

Section Business Meeting – Tues Aug 13, 2013, 9:30-10:10 am

Organizations and the Natural Environment: “Sustainability” and Beyond

Scheduled Time: Tue Aug 13 2013, 10:30 to 12:10pm

Session Organizer and Presider: Victoria Johnson (University of Michigan)
Discussant: Tim Bartley (The Ohio State University)

Market-Oriented Governance and Institutional Emergence: The Rise of Conservation Banking in the United States
*Chris M. Rea (University of California-Los Angeles)

Peer Effects and the Organizational Response to Environmental Ratings
*Amanda J. Sharkey (University of Chicago), *Patricia Bromley Martin (Stanford University)

Poisedness and Organizational Emergence: From Civic Order to Professional Philanthropy in Nineteenth-Century New York
*Victoria Johnson (University of Michigan), *Walter W. Powell (Stanford University)

Rhetoric, Sustainability, and the Corporate Institutional Field
*William B. Stevenson (Boston College), Erica Steckler (Boston College)

Economic Sociology, Organizations and Social Inequality (co-sponsored with the Section on Economic Sociology)

Scheduled Time: Tue Aug 13 2013, 12:30 to 2:10pm

Session Organizer: Alexandra Kalev (Tel Aviv University)

Beyond the Digital Divide: Social Networking, Careers, and New Inequalities
*Ofer Sharone (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

College Currencies
*Viviana A. Zelizer (Princeton University), *Lauren M. Gaydosh (Princeton University) 

Consequences of Conflicting Institutional Logics: Inequality and Isomorphism in the Hospice Division of Labor
*Cindy L. Cain (University of Arizona) 

Financialization and Firm Employment Dynamics, 1982-2005
*Ken-Hou Lin (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

The Dynamics of Organizational Inequalities: Emerging Approaches and Conceptual Dilemmas
*Steven Vallas (Northeastern University), *Emily Regina Cummins (Northeastern University)

Exploring Links between the Law and the Workplace

Scheduled Time: Tue Aug 13 2013, 2:30 to 4:10pm

Session Organizer: Julie A. Kmec (Washington State University)
Presider: Kate Kellogg (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Invisible Work, Invisible Workers: The Relationship between Marginality, Legal Exclusion, and Institutional Constraint
*Erin E. Hatton (State University of New York-Buffalo) 

Lawsuit Settlements in an Unsettling Legal Environment: Undocumented Workers, Sexual Harassment, and the EEOC
*Cynthia Deitch (George Washington University), Ariane Hegewisch (Institute for Women’s Policy Research)

Negative Compliance as Organizational Response to Legal Pressure
*Eunmi Mun (Amherst College)

Occupational Guardians: Safeguarding Professional Work for Inequality Remediation in Two Community Health Centers
*Kate Kellogg (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) 

Two Faces of Organizational Responses to Employment Protection
*Soohan Kim (Korea University)

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