Call for Papers: American Journal of Community Psychology

CALL FOR PAPERS: Understanding and Strengthening the Child- and Youth-Serving Workforce in Low-Resource Communities 
A special issue of the American Journal of Community Psychology

Guest Editors:
Elise Cappella, Erin Godfrey, & Anil Chacko

Achieving the intended outcomes of policies and programs to support children and youth in low-resource communities is largely driven by the quality of the staff and services. Yet there is growing recognition that many child- and youth-serving providers are under-prepared to achieve the goals of their work. Research on teachers and teaching is plentiful but less is known about individuals who work with youth in systems as varied as child welfare, juvenile justice, education, and mental health—individuals whose positions are often unstable, underpaid, and/or part-time. Rich and rigorous empirical, conceptual, and practice-oriented articles focused on the child- and youth-serving workforce are needed to better understand and advance workforce development and organizational interventions, and thereby achieve the goal of enhancing the lives of young people in low-resource communities.

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