2017-2018 OOW Editorial Team

Emily Bryant is a ​PhD ​Candidate in Sociology at Boston University. Her dissertation investigates the (e)valuative decision-making practices of U.S. philanthropic foundations engaged in international grantmaking, particularly ​as these concern​determining priorities, setting strategy, and allocating funds. ​

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Sarah Mosseri is a PhD Candidate in Sociology at the University of Virginia. Her research investigates what it means to be a good worker and how moral understandings of work shape, and are shaped by, the structure of labor practices and relationships.  Her dissertation examines the social processes and politics of trust through a comparative ethnography of a restaurant, marketing firm, tech startup and the NYC-based ride-hail industry.

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Benjamin Shestakofsky is a Ph.D. Candidate in Sociology at the University of California, Berkeley, Scholars Strategy Network Graduate Fellow, and Dissertation Fellow at the UC Berkeley Institute for Research on Labor and Employment. His research centers on how digital technologies are affecting work and employment, organizations, and economic exchange. His most recent article has been published in Work and Occupations.

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