“Connecting Students to the Labor Movement”
Annual Meetings of the Southern Labor Studies Association
March 6–8, 2015
Washington, DC – The George Washington University

Deadline: February 9, 2015
(Papers not necessary)

We invite labor activists and academics alike to participate in a panel to discuss how they have used the classroom as a conduit to engage students in the labor movement. This session, open to activists and academics, will offer lessons for new or emerging collaborative projects and can serve as a bridge between activists/scholars working independently but with similar goals. Participants may wish to address such questions as: What do unions need from student volunteers? What can students, faculty, and universities gain from working with unions? What can students contribute to fights for economic justice, both when workers on campus are seeking student support and when students contribute to campaigns removed from their campus? What obstacles do academic-activist collaborations present and how can they be overcome?

If you have questions or are interested in joining us in Washington, DC this March, contact Jeff Larson (jlarson@towson.edu) or Kate O’Neil (k8oneil@gmail.com).

We are pleased to announce the organization of the 7th edition of the Medici Summer School in Management Studies for doctoral students and young researchers which will be held in Bologna, May 31st – June 5th, 2015. The school is organized and sponsored by BBS (University of Bologna Business School), HEC Paris (Society and Organizations Research Center and the HEC Foundation), and MIT Sloan School of Management (Economic Sociology PhD Program). This year’s theme is “Social Valuation in Organizational, Interpersonal, and Market Contexts.”

The Summer School is designed to promote doctoral education and research organization theory and related fields (economic sociology, management studies, strategy) and contribute to the development of enlightened practice in the management of business organizations. The Medici Summer School advocates a special focus on cross-fertilizing research across North American and European traditions. The Summer School is a unique educational program for qualified doctoral students interacting with thought leaders in the management field who have shared their knowledge and wisdom on frontier research topics.

For more information, please visit http://www.medicisummerschool.it/

The Work in Progress blog, of the Organizations, Occupations and Work section of the ASA, invites submissions (800-1,200 words) on all topics related to organizations, occupations and work, broadly understood. The primary purpose of the blog is to disseminate sociological findings and ideas to the general public. Articles should be accessible and jargon-free, written like a New York Times op-ed. We currently get over 3,000 views per month and are followed on social media by journalists from the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, BBC and other outlets.

We will publish summaries by authors of all monographs related to organizations, occupations and work. Additionally, we invite proposals for three types of article: research findings (from your own study or summarizing the findings of others), news analysis, commentary. Interested authors should send a proposed title and topic (one paragraph maximum) to Matt Vidal (matt.vidal@kcl.ac.uk). The WIP Editorial Team will decide whether to invite a full submission.

Hooray! Another volume of Research in Organizational Behavior is available. Examples of distinguished scholars included in the volume include Nalini Ambady, Michel Anteby, Karl Aquino, Julie Battilana, Max Bazerman, Taya Cohen, Francesca Gino, Denny Gioia, Henrich Greve, Aron Kay, Mike Morris, Huggy Rao, and Phil Tetlock.


Art Brief & Barry Staw

Research in Organizational Behavior
Volume 34, Pages 1-236 (2014)

List of Contributors<http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191308514000173>
Page ii
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ILR Review

Call for Papers

Special Issue and Conference on Reducing Inequality in Organizations:

What Works? What Doesn’t?

The ILR Review is calling for papers for a conference and a subsequent special issue devoted to identifying and developing organizational practices and processes that affect workplace inequality, diversity, and inclusion. We seek innovative research that will advance our understanding of the organizational arrangements that help to reduce the effects of bias and to promote diverse and inclusive workplaces. Emilio J. Castilla (MIT) and Pamela S. Tolbert (ILR, Cornell) will be the guest editors of the issue.

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The OOW section has seven sessions this year.

1-3.  Three open submission, open-topic sessions, organized by Heather Haveman and Phyllis Moen:

The Organizations, Occupations, and Work Section welcomes submissions on any topic relevant to the section’s mission, from very micro (individual worker) to very macro (interorganizational fields).  The organizers, Phyllis Moen and Heather Haveman, will sift through the submissions and create three coherent sessions.

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