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The Brown University Sociology Department has just received authorization for a one- or two-year Visiting Assistant Professorship in organizational sociology. A few noteworthy features of the position:

– The position is neither an adjunct lectureship nor a post-doc, but rather a named visiting assistant professorship: The Pearson Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology and Organizational Studies.
– The teaching load is quite reasonable (one course per semester).
– The search has been defined broadly, to welcome applicants from all fields at the intersection of Organizational Sociology, Economic Sociology, Work and Occupations, and Organizational Theory.
– Brown offers a vibrant organizations community, with a lively graduate program, engaged and intrepid undergraduates, and a very livable locale.
– Brown is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, with a strong commitment to fostering diversity at all levels.  Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.
– Interested candidates should apply via Interfolio, using the link in the attached position listing.
Review of applications will begin on May 1 2014 and will continue until the position is filled.



Pearson Visiting Assistant Professor in Sociology/Organizational Studies

Department of Sociology
Brown University

The Sociology Department of Brown University seeks applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor in the area of Organizational Studies, to begin 1 July 2014. Renewal for a second year is contingent upon funding.

We welcome applicants from all fields at the intersection of the Sociology of Organizations and Occupations and Organizational Theory.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in hand by 1 August 2014. The successful applicant will teach one undergraduate course per semester in Organizational Studies, and will engage in research within the field of organizations. Preference will be given to candidates who can offer courses on topics that are likely to generate strong undergraduate interest and to applicants who have prior teaching experience and publications within the broad area of Organizations. Applicants should propose an undergraduate course designed to be taught in either an open-enrollment lecture/discussion format or a limited- enrollment seminar format. The course should directly employ the theories and frameworks of Organizational Behavior and/or Organizational Theory; it should focus primarily on organizational processes and phenomena; and it should thoroughly incorporate organizational analysis into its discussions and assignments. A wide range of substantive topics are acceptable. Examples include: organizational networks; organizational change; workers and workplaces; occupations and professions; non-profit organizations; healthcare organizations; political and governmental organizations; organizations and development; entrepreneurship in non-Western societies; and global and cross-cultural business. In addition to interacting with Brown’s energetic and engaged undergraduates, visiting assistant professors are encouraged to participate in the intellectual life of the Brown Sociology Department and the program in Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations (BEO), including colloquia, social events, and an ongoing graduate student/faculty Organizations Reading Group. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to interact with a growing body of scholars at Brown who are engaged in research in fields related to organizational studies, technology management, entrepreneurship, finance and operations research. Applications should include (1) a cover letter describing research completed and planned, (2) a curriculum vitae, (3) a teaching statement including ideas for courses within Organizational Studies, (4) a 2-3 page course proposal which includes a description of the course, an example of typical readings, and an assignment/evaluation plan, and
(5) the names, positions, and email addresses of three references who can write letters of recommendation.

The review of applications will begin on May 1 2014 and will continue until the position is filled. Brown is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer, and women and minorities are encouraged to apply. Send materials to:

Call for Submissions to the 2014 AOM Professional Development Workshop (PDW) titled “Trust between Individuals and Organizations”

Scheduled: Saturday, Aug 2 2014 8:00AM 10:00AM
Pennsylvania Convention Center in Room 107 (Philadelphia, PA)

Organizer: Oliver Schilke; U. of California, Los Angeles;
Organizer: Bart A. de Jong; VU U. Amsterdam;
Facilitator: Reinhard Bachmann; U. of Surrey;
Facilitator: Kurt T Dirks; Washington U. in St. Louis;
Facilitator: Nicole Gillespie; The U. of Queensland, Australia;
Facilitator: Audrey Korsgaard; U. of South Carolina;
Facilitator: Deepak Malhotra; Harvard U.;
Facilitator: Laura Poppo; U. of Kansas;
Facilitator: Maurice Schweitzer; U. of Pennsylvania;
Facilitator: Antoinette Weibel; Konstanz U.;
Facilitator: Akbar Zaheer; U. of Minnesota;
Facilitator: Edward Zajac; Northwestern U.

Please be invited to submit discussion questions (segment 1) and/or work-in-progress papers on trust (segment 2)!

(1) The first segment starts off with a panel discussion, in which leading scholars present their views on the important and “hot” topic of trust violation and recovery. Fundamental issues addressed by the panelists include whether or not the nature of recovered trust is different from trust prior to a violation, whether recovered trust can ever be as strong or even stronger than before the violation, how to measure trust violation and recovery, and which factors are conducive to trust recovery. Subsequently, the workshop breaks into groups that will discuss questions previously submitted by workshop participants. A requirement for registration for the PDW’s first segment is to submit at least one discussion question in advance pertaining to current issues in the study of trust between individuals and organizations (see below for details on how to submit). Questions may relate (but are not limited) to: • trust dynamics over time, • trust at and across levels of analysis, • links between interpersonal and interorganizational trust, • the role of the institutional environment, • the mechanisms through which trust affects performance, • dysfunctional consequences of trust, • trust and control, • trust asymmetries, • trust versus distrust, • the role of emotions.

(2) After a short break, the second segment of the program consists of a paper development workshop, in which the facilitators provide indepth feedback on work-in-progress trust research previously submitted by workshop participants and selected through a competitive process. These papers should be in an advanced developmental stage, targeted at a scholarly management journal, and no more than 40 doublespaced pages in length.

Registration requirements: For segment 1 (discussion): Submit at least one discussion question by email to no later than July 25, 2014. For segment 2 (paper development): Submit your working paper by email to no later than July 11, 2014. You will then receive a code that will allow you to register for the PDW.

Note that you may register for only one of the two segments if you wish.

Please see the official workshop announcement at

The WZB (Berlin Social Science Center), Research Unit Inequality and Social Policy (Director: Prof. David Brady, Ph.D.), is offering positions for two Postdoctoral Researchers for the time period of up to three years starting on August 1, 2014, with 39 weekly working hours.

The WZB is a publicly financed international social science institution that conducts basic research that is theory-based and problem-oriented (see: The USP research unit studies the causes and consequences of poverty/inequality and social policy, and the relationships between poverty/inequality and social policy (see:

Read More

We are excited to announce that the 2014 OOW Section Awards committees have been organized. For those of you unfamiliar with our awards process, we offer three awards on a yearly basis:

Details on each award, including award committees and submission processes, can be found on each award’s webpage. Follow the links above, or from the site menu, for additional information.

The new 2013 Research in Organizational Behavior (Vol 33) has been released.


Preface by Barry M. Staw, Arthur P. Brief

The reorganization of legitimate violence: The contested terrain of the private military and security industry during the post-cold war era  by Joel A.C. Baum, Anita M. McGahan

Understanding stability and change in fields by Neil Fligstein

Ethically adrift: How others pull our moral compass from true North, and how we can fix it  by Celia Moore, Francesca Gino
Freeing organizational behavior from inhibitory constraints by E. Allan Lind, Kees van den Bos

Underestimating our influence over others at work  by Vanessa K. Bohns, Francis J. Flynn

Empathy wages?: Gratitude and gift exchange in employment relationships  by James N. Baron

Chemicals, companies, and countries: The concept of diffusion in management research by Jennifer Whitson, Klaus Weber, Paul Hirsch, Y. Sekou Bermiss

Mini-conference on “The Political Economy of Work and Labor Markets: Workplace Regimes in Comparative Perspective”, SASE Chicago 2014

We would welcome abstracts for the mini-conference on “The Political Economy of Work and Labor Markets: Workplace Regimes in Comparative Perspective” at the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) in Chicago.

This mini-conference is designed to bridge the gap between micro analyses of the workplace and macro political economy by fostering dialogue across disciplinary and sub-disciplinary boundaries. We invite papers that address different aspects of workplace organization (e.g. working time, security, pay, career ladders, the labor process, collective action, etc), their connections with macro-political institutions and actors, and adopt a comparative perspective. Submissions may use a range of methodological approaches (including case studies, quantitative methods, and qualitative comparative analysis), operate at different levels (national, regional, sectoral, corporate, etc.), and explore a wide variety of relevant topics.

Further details are available at:

Paper abstracts must be submitted by January 20, 2014. Candidates will be notified by February 17, 2014. Please note that Mini-Conferences require an extended (~1,000 word) abstract, and ask that you submit a full paper by March 31, 2014.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Best wishes,

Rossella Ciccia, National University of Ireland Maynooth (
Seán Ó Riain, National University of Ireland Maynooth (
Andrew Schrank, University of New Mexico (

I am proposing an optional, experimental event this year: small networking dinners at restaurants fairly near the conference hotel on Sunday, August 11, 2013. The idea is just to meet new people, chat more extensively than one might between sessions at the conference, and get warmed up for the section sessions, reception, and business meeting. Each person would pay his or her own costs and you can volunteer as a host – with minimal obligations – when you sign up. Several members of Council have already volunteered and we will assign people, basically at random, to groups with the goal of ending up with tables of 4-8 participants. Hosts agree to make a reservation (with some restaurant options provided) and to email those at their table in advance, with the time and place.

Sign up here if you are interested:

I am pleased to announce that Mark Mizruchi (Michigan) will be our chair-elect next year and serve as OOW chair in 2014-2015. We are also lucky to have Kate Kellogg (MIT) and Taekjin Shin (Illinois) joining the council for three-year terms. Thanks to all those who agreed to run; it was a terrific slate of candidates. Thanks as well to the nominating committee, Heather Haveman, Catherine Turco, and Vernon Woodley.

The bylaws amendment passed with overwhelming support, ratifying the shift to a publications committee that focuses on the section blog.


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